Good intentions…

I am currently sat at my desk, praying for inspiration to write; for some reason or another my creative juices are feeling completely sapped when it comes to blogging.

I’ve been in Cape Town for three weeks, but feel as though I was born here. However is said that everyone who comes here wants to stay, so I can’t kid myself that I have a unique relationship with this place. All I can be is grateful that being here is so comfortable.


I grew up with a father working full time for the church. When I was 6 I would ask if I could go with him to the office and ‘work’ at the spare desk. It fascinated me being there.

When I got a bit older I began to question the church office. I had no idea what on earth all those people could be doing with their time, but they all seemed to be having fun. How on earth does someone work for a church? What is there to do? We just go on a Sunday, right?

Now I’m volunteering for a church. And blimey, there is a lot to do.

A church’s staff functions as a small business; people have their specialities, but there must be room for adaptability and for sharing the load of tasks in order for progress. A church’s staff should operate as a mini version of how the church as a whole does, which we see explained in 1 Corinthians 12- we all play our own role, but we all work together.

I’m not sure which body part I am playing while at Jubilee…

Wait yes I do have an analogy: say you’ve been weight training and your biceps have got bigger, then you stop and the extra muscle goes. Does this mean your arm can’t function? Of course not! So I am the extra muscle mass, reinforcing things while here, but not essential for movement.

And I love being the muscle mass (honestly being the whole arm would be way too much pressure). I’m working in both the student and the youth teams, doing general admin, communication and operations (ie. events).
I feel so excited for what God wants to do in and through the church here, in particular the young people.

Mondays and Saturdays are my free days for exploration/vegging out.

I’ve done some great things already like

  1. jumping off rocks into the sea
  2. visiting the penguins
  3. playing with monkeys at world of birds
  4. hanging out in a tree in Kirstenbosch
  5. horse riding in a random field near a main road but there were flamingos!!

I have many many many things on my to-do-and-see list still, but I have time. Right now it’s raining, which for selfish purposes is a bit sucky but we are all so grateful for the sake of the country. Please pray for rain for Cape Town- we need the dams to be filled!

I have little else to say at this point, despite the many things that are going on… I will try harder at this over the next few weeks, but babysteps!

I also have photos to share, once I have them off my camera, which is another job on my to-do list. So watch this space!

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