See you soon Cape Town

And just like that, my time here is at an end.


Honestly, God has brought me so many blessings during these short 3 months that the wonderful-ness far out-shadows the tragedy of leaving.


It’s totally not helping that the pressure from stopping myself crying is causing extra blood to flow to my head, which is making my piercing bleed, resulting in even more wallowing in self pity and grief (eat your heart out Morrisey, I can do tragic too).

Before I arrived here, my biggest fear was forming relationships with people; three months isn’t long to make people like you, much less trust you, which is something I massively value in friendships.

On top of this, I knew I would be entering an environment filled with people of a similar age to me, and this I found terrifying. That sounds silly but I was so nervous that I would be unable to relate to anyone. Surely, I hear you think, you must relate to people your own age best?

But I don’t, and never have. Plus, something that dawned on me only the other day: I came from my time in Jordan where there had been no-one my age at all and, although my time there was beautiful, it had been lonely.

So, basically, I was scared about people.

But God is a good, good Father and I’m sure he’s laughing at me even now as I’m sat here reflecting on the tidal wave of love and friendship that I’ve experienced here. Thank you Father God!

And thank you friends who made me feel so at home here. The student team, youth team, life group, youth group (I’m especially praying for you guys and can’t wait to see what God does with you), Jubilee staff, and Jubilee church. Plus Common Ground church who were equally as welcoming.

This is super cheese, but I’ve met new members of my family here and it’s been magical.

So thank you God, and thank you Cape Town, for treating me so well (and for sending me back to the UK with a lekker tan).

It’s heart-wrenching to leave, but I know God works all things for the good of those who love him, so my heart will now be still and rest.

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