If you’ve been reading or listening to the news and found yourself, along with the rest of the world, asking “what’s wrong with humanity- where’re all the nice people at?” I think I’ve found your answer: they’re right here, in a small town called Morehead City.

Day 4 in North Carolina, and I’ve seen more smiles during this time than in 18 years of living in the UK…

Okay so maybe I’m exaggerating a little, don’t worry Brits- we’re not that bad, but on a real level this place sure knows how to make you feel at home. It helps that I’m staying with an awesome, godly family who model hospitality superbly, but in general people here have been so pleasant.

I guess the small town scenario accommodates the forming of a community far better than a city is able, so I’m praying that my time here rubs off on me and leaves me five times more of a people-lover than I’ve been previously (not that I hate people or anything, but there’s always room for growth…).

Since being here I’ve not only enjoyed the infamous ‘Southern hospitality’ in the form of friendliness, but also eaten some phenomenal (and maybe more infamous) BBQ (aka. pulled pork), deep fried chicken, crab-cakes, crab dip, pimento cheese, potato salad, PLUS peanut butter up to my elbows. Not bad for 4 days work.

If you want the answer to another big question- that question being “What does a girl want?”- the above list of delicacies should give you a fairly good idea.

So everything is going just fine and dandy, and thanks for stopping by.


I also would like to share a little encouragement, if you’re interested:

While I was praying this morning I had a picture come to my mind of a daisy that was having the petals plucked off it to the sound of “he loves me, he loves me not…”. The words “HE LOVES ME” kept repeating in my mind, and I was reminded that God’s love is not a matter of ‘maybe’, or a question who’s answer leaves room for doubt. Rather, God’s love is a faithful promise, written in blood- a blood that abolished law and proclaims peace, speaking the language of mercy and of grace.

You are loved.


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