God. People. Words. Aesthetics. Coffee. Food.The 6 major loves of my life.

Motivated the knowledge that God loves all peoples and my interest in other cultures I am using my gap year to live in and amongst new people groups and to get to know them. I hope that how they do life will develop my understanding of this amazing world, deepen my love for people, places, and the one who created them.

Lessons God is teaching me, thoughts that arrest me, and journal style updates of my lowlights and highlights will all have a part to play in this space.

I love the beauty of this world, so will also attempt to document some of my thoughts and feelings about it through photography and creative writing.

Part of my exploration of the world will include cuisine. I have always loved playing with recipes and creating crazy flavour mixes, so am very excited to witness how other cultures use various spices, vegetables and methods of cooking. A section of this blog will be devoted to food: recipes from me, and from people I come across, as well as reviews and profiles of foods that deserve it (eg. Turmeric- seriously such a kickass spice).

Thanks for checking out my world,