The commuter   In London people don’t so much walk as they do rush. Regardless of whether you’re a highflying businessman, without a home, or one of this generation’s top minds, you’re all savages when it comes to getting where you’re going. It’s a bit frightening to think about the selfishness people display when they... Continue Reading →


If you've been reading or listening to the news and found yourself, along with the rest of the world, asking "what's wrong with humanity- where're all the nice people at?" I think I've found your answer: they're right here, in a small town called Morehead City. Day 4 in North Carolina, and I've seen more smiles... Continue Reading →

Community challenge

Yesterday I heard a preach on community that I found challenging on first listening, and even more so on further reflection. Something that really stuck with me was the concept of being part of community in order to grow. This is easy to agree with on the surface, but unpicking it reveals a summons to something deeper than the initial... Continue Reading →

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