One term down…

As you’re well aware (because you all live and you have heard it repeated innumerable times): time flies!   This time last year I had just left Jordan, where I had stayed for 3 months, university felt like a long way off. Now I have completed my first term of my Arabic and Economics degree.... Continue Reading →

3 weeks. 3 takeaways (not the edible kind).

3 weeks at home is not, in reality, a long time. 3 weeks at home, after 14 months never spending more than 10 days a time here, sure feels like an awfully long time.     If you’ve been keeping up with my blog (or lack thereof) you’ll probably be aware that I’ve had the... Continue Reading →


Salt water has- among other things- an incredible ability to kindle reminiscence and nostalgia.


If you've been reading or listening to the news and found yourself, along with the rest of the world, asking "what's wrong with humanity- where're all the nice people at?" I think I've found your answer: they're right here, in a small town called Morehead City. Day 4 in North Carolina, and I've seen more smiles... Continue Reading →

See you soon Cape Town

And just like that, my time here is at an end. I FEEL MISERABLE Honestly, God has brought me so many blessings during these short 3 months that the wonderful-ness far out-shadows the tragedy of leaving. However: I FEEL MISERABLE. It's totally not helping that the pressure from stopping myself crying is causing extra blood to flow... Continue Reading →

Good intentions…

I am currently sat at my desk, praying for inspiration to write; for some reason or another my creative juices are feeling completely sapped when it comes to blogging. I’ve been in Cape Town for three weeks, but feel as though I was born here. However is said that everyone who comes here wants to... Continue Reading →

January 11th

Wow it has been such a long time since I wrote. Having been out of the swing of it so long, it is definitely going to be tricky to fall back into the groove of it- so please bear with me if my writing is a little jilted. On the 14th December I left Jordan... Continue Reading →

November travel update

I’ve been lucky enough to cross off several destinations on my “To Visit” list so far this month, and each one has made me fall more and more in love with the country.

Taste tradition: Shams El Balad

New discoveries is the whole point of travelling, and boy is it fun! In this café I was able to discover more about the people and the food of Jordan, and the more I learn the more I love it! So, this post serves as a recommendation both of a restaurant, but also of Jordanian culture; I hope that in reading my learnings, you will find something to love too!

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