3 weeks. 3 takeaways (not the edible kind).

3 weeks at home is not, in reality, a long time. 3 weeks at home, after 14 months never spending more than 10 days a time here, sure feels like an awfully long time.     If you’ve been keeping up with my blog (or lack thereof) you’ll probably be aware that I’ve had the... Continue Reading →

See you soon Cape Town

And just like that, my time here is at an end. I FEEL MISERABLE Honestly, God has brought me so many blessings during these short 3 months that the wonderful-ness far out-shadows the tragedy of leaving. However: I FEEL MISERABLE. It's totally not helping that the pressure from stopping myself crying is causing extra blood to flow... Continue Reading →

Good intentions…

I am currently sat at my desk, praying for inspiration to write; for some reason or another my creative juices are feeling completely sapped when it comes to blogging. I’ve been in Cape Town for three weeks, but feel as though I was born here. However is said that everyone who comes here wants to... Continue Reading →

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